What the World Innovation Foundation's Honorary Members and Fellows do for the world-at-large.


Introduction - The World Innovation Foundation is the only fully 'Independent' scientific, technological, engineering and applied economic 'think-tank' in the world today. The WIF has no direct financial ties to any governments or corporate entities. It is therefore a free-thinking group of the world's foremost creative minds.

Overview - Honorary Members and Fellows act in concert on consultations for the enlightenment and mutual benefit of governments throughout our planet. Our members determine through their leading-edge knowledge and in concert with a nation's indigenous scientists, engineers, technologists and inventors, what technologies should be developed for any particular nation. In this respect differing countries have differing indigenous strengths in terms of materials, resources and personal knowledge.

The WIF is therefore the only institution that interacts directly with all the world's indigenous scientists assembling their respective economies into sustaining and developing economies. What this means is that those nations develop peacefully and in harmony, and where scientific collaboration, cooperation and communication are the hallmarks of the WIF's work.

In this respect peace is attained through direct actions and where those actions are non-aggressive.

In the 21st century the world will have to adapt to new reference points. These points or determinants of global change will push forward the frontiers of science and technology like no other century and with that the progress of humankind will reach unimaginable heights. In this world, technological miracles will abound.

The essence of the WIF's internal thinking is as Newton famously once said, "there are many Newtons in this life." Indeed, to identify these unique individuals within our society who command these revolutionary philosophies is paramount for the world's future peaceful progress. In this respect the WIF's work encompasses this sifting process, identifying such forward-thinking people for the benefit of all.

Overall, the WIF only applies its consultation to problems associated with peace-abiding nations. Therefore, nations in conflict with the world community are not nations that the WIF interacts with.

How do the WIF's consultations for governments work?

WIF-Nations Consultation Agreements
The Step-by-Step Process
  1. The WIF's executive makes contact with respective knowledge-based Honorary Members and Fellows.
  2. A nucleus on average of twenty Honorary Members and Fellows are chosen to advise a government behind the scenes on a particular indigenous problem and its possible solution. This is consultation in concert, but where Honorary Members and Fellows act individually in their personal thinking and capacity. i.e no contact is made directly between members and fellows for purpose of so that opinion and thought is kept
  3. Honorary Members and Fellows who accept the consultation are thereafter given between six to eight weeks to forward their consultations via the email system to the WIF.
  4. Once the replies are received by the WIF, all replies are detailed in full within a document.
  5. Then the WIF's management through the Honorary Member's/Fellow's replies makes the document holistic in its reading
In this respect the WIF's members advise a nation's government and their scientists on what scientific and technological developments will produce enhanced prosperity for the nation's people. The WIF's members therefore advise a nation on what technologies they should exploit. What this means for nations is that they maximise the respective nations' resources correctly, and thus avoid the waste of vast capital investment sums that in general terms with technological development leads to nowhere. Indeed, it is a known fact that positive R&D investment costs are only around 5% effective, as the remaining 95% is lost to technological ideas that do not produce a commercial success. This is where the WIF's leading-edge examination and diagnostic consultations come in as they sift a nation's indigenous ideas, sciences and inventions to reduce the possibility of failure.

What the WIF's Consultations Try to Achieve

The WIF's leading-edge scientific/engineering knowledge in concert and unique mechanism combined with sensitive intuition provides a nation with the means to develop its indigenous strengths with minimal R&D investment loss. The WIF's consultations therefore maximise a nation's resources in providing for their people and all their future generations.

In many ways the WIF tries to identify new global technologies that a nations' scientists and engineers have discovered through preliminary R&D. In this respect the WIF looks for the next equivalent of the 'transistor' which has according to the Bell Labs website spawned over the last fifty-years or so a new global industry that now turns over US$1.2 trillion or 3% of the total economic output of the world. These are the technologies that the WIF's members ultimately seek to find. In concert the WIF's members have the only working mechanism that can identify these technologies.

A nations' people is the most precious of all resources. The people's thoughts, ideas and creative thinking produce all new wealth. Indeed, without the people's thinking the modern world would not be as it is today. What we mean by this is that although science has provided the phenomena to create new technologies, the history of science and technology and indeed the world has also taught us that many of the planet's primary inventions were exploited by the people. Examples of this type of phenomenon abound and include the aeroplane, the radio, satellite communications, the TV set, personal computers, the WWW and the motor car. Each one of these was the concept and development of individuals who were not principally employed to create technological miracles, but they did. The WIF's global strategy therefore does not only concerns itself with scientists, technologists and engineers but also the world's people. Combine these two pre-eminent creative elements together and humankind's progress would be as never seen before. The WIF therefore wishes to fully involve the future creative thoughts of all mankind.

In an ever increasing complex world, complex solutions are needed.