In this respect even if we continue on our present path of slow change the future is bleak, even taking into consideration the limited effect of the signing of the Kyoto Protocol. It is highly pertinent of course that the USA has not signed this Protocol.

Looking at the situation the real problem is that of moving from our present technologies that create environmental degradation to that of eco and environmentally friendly industries, which takes at least three decades to provide, even when you have the technology already in place. It is therefore the rate of change that is the problem where this transitional period has to be speeded up. But in this respect we cannot go from existing industries to new technological industries overnight without structural global strains being set in motion and where mass unemployment is the outcome if a transitional strategy is not thought out and implemented correctly on a global scale.

But overall also for our peaceful co-existence the WIF and others around the world see that the economic turnover of the world has in real terms to quadruple by at least 2050, but where our new technological industries have to mimic the universe and nature itself.

It is therefore a very complex double-sided coin.

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