The Newsletter of the World Innovation Foundation
August - December 2000 Vol. 4 Edition 2
Professor John Argyris CBE

Season's Greetings
The Foundation takes this opportunity in wishing the membership and readers a merry Christmas and a most happy 2001.

European Application for funding of the ORE STEM complex
The Foundation in partnership with North Lincolnshire Council are constructing a formal submission for the feasibility funding for the ORE-STEM Complex. This detailed submission will be completed and sent to Brussels during 2001.

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The Foundation's chairman John Argyris FRS(Royal Medal) FREng(Prince Philip Medal) has been awarded a CBE by HM The Queen for services to mathematics and engineering. Professor Argyris received the Sovereign's medal

  from the Royal Society's Patron, HM The Queen, in 1985 and the Prince Philip Medal from the Royal Academy of Engineering's Patron, HRH The Prince Philip, in 1997. In 2000 he was awarded the Einstein Medal   by the Einstein Foundation. John Argyris's revolutionary invention of the Finite Element Method continues to go from strength to strength in its applications throughout the world-at-large.
Please note that Professor Argyris has been put forward for consideration for the Copley Medal 2001 of the Royal Society.

Britain Continues in Relative Socio-economic Decline with the Rest of the World in Total Contrast to What the Government and Media Say to The People

Although the Foundation has been conveying a message that Britain is in a continuous downward economic spiral to both government and the media for the past 8-years, little notice has been taken of the fact. Ministers and newspaper editors have taken the side of others as they did not know any better. The reason for this is quite clearly complacency and a lack of vision of what is on the economic horizon for Britain.

Wealth creating jobs are lost by the week throughout the nation but no one including the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) have any strategies to redress the situation. Indeed, recent government statistics show a constant erosion in our manufacturing base and where
  it now accounts for a mere 16% of GDP. Service industries in comparison now contribute 84% to the British economy. This complacency forgets that in the event of an international crisis, such as a global war, we cannot eat services. In this respect Britain cannot feed its people now so on a long-term basis it certainly has not the capacity to do so. Indeed, we are so reliant on imports to feed and clothe our people that in the event of a world crisis, and where shipping was disrupted, food would run out in a matter of a few weeks.

The media and government make so much of new jobs created by the supermarkets and the retail sector et al but in reality these are only jobs moving from one employer to
  the other and where no real wealth is the end product. Indeed, 5,000 new jobs created by a leading supermarket chain is only taking jobs from other businesses who cannot compete and have to close. In reality they do not provide any new wealth but transfer it from one company to the demise of the another. And might we add that most of the jobs are 'part-time' or 'share jobs'.

Successive Governments since the end of the Second World War have had no strategy to create new technological industries. They have let industry and market forces take charge and where this strategy has failed miserably. Now we are following the world-at-large in many industries where we - The World Innovation Foundation - August - December 2000 1