could quite easily have lead from the front.

Our Government's national training strategies are for training many in what is perceived the right industries. The reality is that the jobs are just not there on completion of the training. Britain's economic picture is getting far worse by the year and in a further 10-years the WIF predicts that unemployment will be the worst in its history since the 1930s. Indeed, in this respect many transnationals are now outsourcing their technical work in the Service Industries to countries like India and South Korea. This outsourcing process to cut costs will spread far and wide over the next decade. In this respect some are even now asking staff to 'split' on their
  colleagues who they feel are not up to the job and could be replaced by a foreign employer working in his or her home country. A system very much like what the Nazis used in WW2 to put people against each other. This outsourcing will continue unabated over this century and where the transnationals nose to drive down costs and increase shareholder value will win the day. The consequences of course for British jobs are that there will be mass unemployment in Britain as this strategy takes hold over the next ten years or so. The government and media have been warned again!

Thankfully there is an answer to all this but neither the government nor the British press will want to listen. The reason again is complacency.
  Unfortunately when the economic realities and the overall impact comes as it will, they will both get on the bandwagon and start thinking and saying we told you so! By that time these sentiments will be of no real value to our people.

What to do
We shall tell the government and media what they should do once more as the penny just has not dropped as yet.

Britain needs to build new technological industries. Investing in foreign companies who simply use the technical skills of our people, take the profits home to their mother country, and leave Britain at the whim of the world markets will never work. It is like playing with a roulette wheel hoping that our
  number will come up in the volatile world markets of tomorrow and that the foreign multinationals will look after us, in preference to their home industries. Indeed, considering these ludicrous thoughts, if there was a sudden decline in global demand for their products I wonder what they would do. BMW and others spring to mind in this respect. Our current industrial thinking is sheer nonsense.

What happened before and what will happen as we are today?
Britain once ruled world trade a mere 150 years ago. Bad government decisions and nieve business strategies by our largest concerns were to blame conclusively for our decline. Indeed, we became complacent just like our
2 - The World Innovation Foundation - August - December 2000