politicians and media are today when viewing the outside world. The same is happening all the time in Britain as you read this article, but this time matters will dawn with a sudden impact that will take all our breath away. Indeed, the ASEAN has already said that by 2020 they will have a larger economic market than the USA and Europe put together. We ought to take what they say very seriously for it is our children and our grandchildren who will ultimately suffer from our establishments neglect and complacency. The WIF would ask once more in the hope that somebody really cares about the nation's future, 'are you listening both government and media? As always you will be asleep to   what we say!

How to achieve sustainable development
The root of all new wealth is the creation of new ideas that can be applied to the development of new industries. Service industries only pass wealth from one hand to the next and do not create new wealth in the same way. i.e. if the Internet had no physical goods to sell there would be no need for it in terms of world commerce. Therefore firstly Britain has to develop a system where people can share their ideas with industry. From the exploitation of these ideas Britain can regain pre-eminence once more - it is the only way. Unfortunately British industry in this respect is highly conservative and
  does not allow this mechanism to flourish for many reasons. Additionally the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) only supports industry, they do not create new industries as such. The present government's policy of support will be of no real benefit to the economy in twenty-years time as we shall be dancing to the tune of others. Indeed if we do not change our direction, the 3 > 4 billion pounds annual DTI expenditure by then will simply be used to entice more and more foreign companies to our shores as it does today, but then we shall have no real alternative. No therefore, these strategies are not the answer for our people as we have to create an environment where the innovative thoughts of all to   produce an in-house on-going strategy is the norm. Only then will Britain rise from the ashes of a once industrial powerhouse but not before.

The outcome of what we say
Complacency of our politicians and media will not let this happen.

Unfortunately therefore our people and nation will have to wait until around 2006 when they will have no alternative but to become reactive. A great pity as wouldn't it be nice if they were proactive NOW! but there is little chance of that with the closed minds of government and press. Who knows though as the American economy starts its cycle into recession, they may start to think for
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