themselves for a change and not to take notice of deadwood advisers in government and British industry who have done nothing for our economy for decades.

New members of the WIF

Dr. Khandakar Elahi BSc(Ag.Econ.) MSc MS PhD, World Economist, Associate and Assistant Professor of Agriculture, Commonwealth Academic Fellow, Editor of Farm Economy, Associate Editor of The Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Economics, University Member of Executive Committee of the Socioeconomic Research and Training, Member of the Coordination Committee of the Rural Social science Network, Member of University Seminar Committee at the faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, Member of the Bangladesh Economic Association, Member of the Bangladesh Agricultural Economists' Association, Technical Author mult., et al BANGLADESH
Robert Hodam Chief Executive Officer of the International Center for Economic Growth, USA
Professor Jacques Francois Lesourne Hons.mult., French Newspaper Editor and University Professor, Director-General and President of the METRA International and SEMA, Professor of Economics, Professor of Industrial Economics, President of the Association Francaise d'Informatique et de Recherche Operationelle, Member of the Institute of Management Science, OECD Director of Project Interfuturs, President of the Commission on Employment and Social Relations of 8th Plan, Member of the Council of the European Economic Association, President of the Association Francaise de Science Economique, President of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies, Director and Managing Editor of Le Monde, President of Futuribles International, President of the Centre for Study and Research on Qualifications, Technical Author mult. et al, FRANCE
Professor Ursula M. Lehr PhD, Hon.PhD, Hons.mult., German Politician and Psychologist, Head of Department of Developmental Psychology, Chairman and Director of Department of Psychology, Honorary Professor, Chairman of Pedagogics and Pedagogical Psychology, Institutional Director, Head of the German Centre for Research on Aging, Federal Minister of Youth Families, Women and Health, WHO Expert Advisor, Member of the German Parliament, President of the German Gerontological Society, Founder Member of the Academy of Sciences Berlin et al, GERMANY
Professor Tatu Einari Leinonen BSc(Maths) MSc(Eng.) DTech LTech, MASME MTEK MSAE MIPS Hons.mult., Secretary-General of the International Federation for the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Professor of Machine Design, Visiting Professor mult., Chairman of Commission A of the IFToMM, Dean of Technology, Head of Mechanical Engineering, Vice-President of the Academy of Finland, Chairman of the Committee of Technical Sciences of the Academy of Finland, Vice-President of the University Council of Finland, Honorary Chinese Professor, Knight First Class of the Order of the Lion of Finland, Technical Author mult. et al, FINLAND
Professor Juma Shabani Senior Specialist in Higher Education in Africa, UNESCO, SENEGAL
Dr. Richard K. Moore PhD, Mathematician, Internet Pioneer, Internet Co-ordinator of world causes to improve the future world, Software R&D Engineer for Xerox PARC, Apple and Oracle and Technical Author mult. et al, USA
4 - The World Innovation Foundation - August - December 2000