the world.' (SCJ) Therefore without a complete rethinking of our overridding reliance on these minerals, it will eventually be the cause of great and unimaginable conflict and total decimation of the planet. Indeed, the SCJ understanding of the problem is correct when they say that, 'we must reduce our reliance on fossil fuels for energy by developing and establishing new energy resources.' (SCJ) Only scientists and engineers have the knowledge and capabilities to satisfy this want.
  In this respect the SCJ goes further by providing mankind with the solution when they determine that, 'in order to solve material-resources and energy problems, we must rely primarily on the problem-solving skills of science.' (SCJ) This is the only solution.
  In this respect at the very heart of the WIF's philosophy there lies a holistic form, just the very same as that of the SCJ adopted staregy. The Council understands that 'the industrialized nations need strong strategies for the creation of the new value system but which are not solely for the benefit of the industrialized nations, but rather, for the good of all mankind.' (SCJ) The good of all has to be paramount in the thoughts of a new world order.
  When considering the great need for change the overridding factor is that, 'crisis is inevitable if we do not change current practices. Thus, the countries of the world have little option but to accept the need for change. In order to achieve consensus without force, the people of the world need to properly understand the scientific basis for the need for change.' (SCJ)
  For the world to change successfully, 'the ideals espoused need to be embodied at every level, from individuals through to domestic and global market structures and non-government organizations and not-for-profit organizations.' (SCJ) This is why the problem of great change in itself is so huge and why it will take at least thirty-years to initial put matters in place to commence the transition towards a new world order based on human dignity and self-worth. It has to be stated that without this change, the human race will be no more. In order for this immense sea-change to take place, 'the transition to new lifestyles that imparts dreams and aspirations must ensure that the benefits to society and job creation outweigh
  the negative effects.' (SCJ) This will become highly apparent, as survival will eventually become the focal point of mankind.
  Overall therefore, 'the development of the new lifestyle industry will be a collaborative effort.' (SCJ)
  In this respect, 'a change in direction away from the material value system towards a spiritual value system involves identifying aspects of conventional primary, secondary, and tertiary industries that are suitable for the development of the new industry, then reorganizing and expanding these elements to create the new lifestyle industry. The stimulation of industry, to which the whole world has no option but to agree, will create an enormous market, which in turn will provide a new stimulus for all industries and generate employment.' (SCJ) Therefore the understanding for the need of the ORE-STEM, ORE-Incubator configuration to be born.
  As JAPAN's most revered scientists have said, 'we should explicitly state Japan's approach, which is to make contributions to education and culture and extensively utilize science and technology. As a necessary condition for extricating the world from the crisis situation of the 21st century, we must advocate new lifestyles and propose scenarios for the creation of a new lifestyle industry.' (SCJ) These will be the hallmarks of a whole new world.
  Indeed, the scientists of Japan have accepted that 'JAPAN has been granted an opportunity to become an exciting new nation in the 21st century, one that can excel in both knowledge and virtue and be respected and admired as a civilization. This represents the ideal opportunity to bring long-term stability to the human race by advocating new ideals.' (SCJ)
  Within this new structure, 'systems for recirculation and recycling of the earth's resources have to be created extensively.' (SCJ) We have to utilise our planet's resources wisely and to their fullest extent. Recycling is a pre-requisite of this new destiny for humankind.
  Bringing together the world's greatest minds to find solutions for the planet's growing problems is also a pre-requisite for great change on a global scale. Indeed, 'the new lifestyle industry has to be grounded in the history of the human race and scientific knowledge. In this respect we
  have to harness the full strength of earth's academic and scientific prowess in working towards the ongoing prosperity of mankind. Japan can give hope to the international community as a nation of ideals.' (SCJ) The WIF's modus operandi has always been to integrate the knowledge of the earth's wisest people.
  Over the next few decades there is little doubt that JAPAN, through the forcefulness of it's nations most revered scientists, will gather pace with the transition to new lifestyles as the SCJ have stated in concluding their far-reaching research, 'the Science Council of Japan will use its strengths and abilities to the fullest in squarely tackling this global task'.
4 - The World Innovation Foundation - April - July 2001