engineers have the ultimate means to determine our existence or not.

Consequently our presence is not as what is presently perceived in the hands of our political masters but in the hands of the world’s scientists and engineers. The reason is clear, scientist and engineers have the creative tools to solve the world’s problems, and politicians have not. Therefore as the world evolves the WIF will through its consultative works educate governments and the people in the need to comprehend this vital change in mindsets. If not, humankind like Stephen Hawkings has predicted recently, will due to the incident of bio-terrorism, be no more by the turn of this century. This is the stark warning that we all have to acknowledge and where the world has only a mere thirty-years to adopt this new scientific system of economic co-operation throughout all peace-abiding nations.
New Members of the WIF

Professor B.D.Sleeman, UK
Professor Ronald Breslow, USA
Dr. Britton Chance, USA
Professor George Russev, Bulgaria
Dr. Dénes Berényi, Hungary
Professor Roddam Narasimha, India
Professor M.Cardona, Germany
Dr. Hossein Arsham, USA
Professor KJ Bathe, USA
Professor B J Huntley, South Africa
Professor Richard Gardner, UK
Dr. Gurdev S. Khush, Philippines
Professor A.N. Guz, Ukraine
Dr. N.C. Hughes-Jones, UK
Ambasadeur A. Chambon, France
Professor Jáuber C. Oliveira, Brazil
Professor Dewey H. Hodges, USA
Professor Kiril Panov, Bulgaria
Dr. Gangan Prathap, India
Ladislav Kovac, Slovakia
Professor Robin Holliday, Australia
Professor J. R. Willis, UK
Professor Frithiof Niordson, Denmark
Professor Silas Lwakabamba, Rwanda
Professor Jorge A.C. Ambrosio, Portugal
Professor Antonio Huerta, Spain
Dr Ryszard Walentynski, Poland
Professor Cun-Hao Zhang, China
Prof. Illes Desi, Hungary
Professor Emeritus Erwin Buncel, Canada
Dr. Valery N.Samosyuk, Russia
Professor Hassan Aref, USA
Professor David Paterson, UK
Professor Tarun Kant, India
Professor Juri Engelbrecht, Estonia
Dr. Jovan Stefanovski, Macedonia
Professor E. Krause, Germany
Professor Peter W. Carpenter, UK
Professor CG du Toit, South Africa
Professor Erdogan S. Suhubi, Turkey
Professor Charbel Farhat, USA
Dr.Mohamed M. Ben-Omran, Libya
Professor Narinder K. Gupta, India
Dr. Felix Dodds, UK
Professor You-Sheng He, China
4 - The World Innovation Foundation - August - December 2001