Global Eco-Architecture/ Eco Building

The class ‘A’ drug treatment supported by the United Nations and developed by the Government of Vietnam is increasingly being investigated by western governments.

On 10th August 2003 Dr. Lutz Baehr, former international coordinator for the United nations, former chairman of the African Development Bank for many years and former head of the UN’s science and technology directorate and the WIF’s chief executive, Dr. David Hill, had meetings with representatives of the Home Office. The British government’s officials included Alastair Bridges, the head of the government’s drugs strategy and former link-man between the health service and the treasury. It was agreed to have further discussions at a later date and after a meeting had been held with the new drug’s minister Caroline Flint.
  A meeting on 6th October 2003 in Sheffield will be held between Dr. Lutz Baehr and the Bassetlaw Community Trust to explore HEANTOS as a possible regional treatment. The next scientific discovery newsletter will describe these meetings in full.

Recent trial tests on class ‘A’ drug addicts at the University of Essens have passed all medical expectations.

A symposium is to be held in Vietnam to discuss the HEANTOS treatment in late November / early December 2003.
The institute has formed an Eco group to develop leading-edge designs in buildings to reduce humankind’s reliance on fossil fuels and to conserve of energy.

People throughout the world who are interested in becoming a part of this powerful new change agent (up to 60% of all energy consumption goes into buildings) should email our chief executive on drhill@thewif.org.uk to register their interest.
  The new design has been entitled ‘Thermodynamic Architecture’ and the concept has been called the ‘Thermal Envelope’. These new concepts the institute believes will drive architectural change throughout the 21st century and beyond, as reliance on fossil fuels declines due to exhaustion and the increased use of renewables gathers pace. It is therefore a huge new and totally needed market in the making as all countries, especially those in the West, will have to adopt such design principles.
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