Senior Appointments at the WIF as at January 2004

The following are now the senior appointments at the World Innovation Foundation at the commencement of 2004.

Nobel Laureate Dr. Jerome Karle, USA
Senior Vice-President
Nobel Laureate Dr. William S. Knowles, USA
Vice-President for the Americas
Professor Dr. Federico Capasso, USA & Italy
Vice-President for Europe
Professor Dr. Kees Bulthuis, The Netherlands
Professor Dr. John Argyris, Greece, Germany & UK
Professor Dr. Mostafa Tolba, Egypt
Continental Representative for Africa
Sir Andy Chande, Mozambique
National Representative for the USA
Professor Dr. Julian Palmore, USA & UK
National Representative for India
Professor Dr. Narinder Gupta, India

New WIF Members & Fellows

Dr. Simon Best, UK
Nobel Laureate Professor Clive Granger, USA
Professor Dr. Ludger A. Wessjohann, Germany
Dr Samir Mekid, UK
Professor Dr. S B Riffat, UK
HH Judge David Edward, UK
Professor Dr. Zlatko Kniewald, Croatia
Dr Steve Lennon, South Africa
Professor Dr. Aaron Sloman, UK
4 - The World Innovation Foundation - January - March 2004