Reasons for the Open Research Establishment

A Global PerspectiveA Scientific Perspective

What will the world be like in 25-years, 50-years or even 100 years from now?

What life will our children and grandchildren have in 25-years time or their children in 50-years time from now?

These are real questions that require a great deal of study and discussion.

One thing is for sure, the world will be a far more competitive and economically hostile environment for all emerging and industrialised economies to sell their 'goods and services' within, and if for any reason these economic products are out-of-date, they will simply have no markets at all. Indeed, economic dynamism will be at the very heart of a future world order and where the planet's problems will inevitable be either solved or not. The driving force for this will be ‘Science’ and the exploitation of its many discoveries.

As an example, the disturbing facts are that Britain's Revealed Technological Advantage Index - the main determinant of any nation's future wealth creating propensity, declined by a massive 29% between 1963 and 1988 and now stands at a staggering 59% of what it was a mere 37-years ago. 'Real' unemployment without political massage by the government, which take into account training schemes for jobs to nowhere and the political exclusion of the over-55s, has increased since the mid-1960s. The main reasons for this is due to Britain's economic decline in core world industries and an inept political and industry understanding of where and what are the pre-eminent fundamentals that actually create new wealth. Over the last 4-decades the equivalent of more than three-quarters of a trillion dollars of the British taxpayer's and British industry funding, in present-day worth terms, has been spent on Research and Development, but unfortunately for Britain there is very little to show for it in terms of the creation of new commercialised products and services from the input of these extremely vast financial resources over those years. Indeed, if military R&D expenditure was brought into the whole of the British R&D equation, over one-and-a-half trillion dollars has been spent over those very same years. Presently, over 99.75% of the conscious British population are excluded from any involvement with scientific and technological research, and less than one-eighth of one percent of the conscious British population is engaged in the country's leading edge research effort (throughout the world this is significantly less). THE SAD FACTS ARE THAT THE USA, FRANCE, GERMANY, ITALY AND MANY OTHER WESTERN ECONOMIES MIRROR THIS VERY PICTURE TO A GREAT EXTENT.

What therefore can the Westernised nations do to stem this tide of relative decline and reverse the West's flagging world fortunes in order to ultimately safeguard our children's future in the mid-21st century and BEYOND?

In many ways, the West's scientific inventors and innovators are the only source of pure and applied enlightenment in this respect. Indeed, in the long-term the only redress for any nation in the 'free' world, is to excel in the creation of A NEVER ENDING flow of new products and services for the markets of tomorrow. Having said this, more inventions for commercial exploitation are derived by the creative thought patterns of the average man or woman in the street than are ever conceived in advanced centres of research, or in the universities, by a very high margin.


The ultimate answer therefore must reside in the domain of what the Japanese determined in 1994 after over a decade of global research. They concluded that the people of Britain are the most innovative people on Earth by far and command over fifty-five percent of 'all' global innovative thought - the very special and pre-eminent requirement that creates 'all' the new products and services for the marketplace of tomorrow. In terms of the necessary reactive new order, this is where the ORE-STEM's ultimate creative power will be unleashed in the 21st century.

Given that Europe and the United States of America, over the last three centuries, have produced the vast majority of the greatest scientists and engineers that the world has ever seen, many of whom have been purely ordinary and self-taught people who have in the main created our modern world, is it not abundantly clear, therefore, that we in the 'West' have the creative force to lead, and not to follow in the world of the 21st century?

In this respect therefore, have we no real alternative but to create the means by which our peoples are allowed to participate in the 'West's future wealth creating mechanism and thereby determine our ultimate future? With less than 1/8th of 1% of the total conscious population of the industrialised world being involved with leading edge R&D, is it no wonder that the industrialised 'West' is in decline? If only the remaining 99.875 of the free world's population were allowed to participate in Research and Development what vast changes we would see!

This is where the development of the immense Open Research Establishment will start the change in dynamics that is so needed in the 'West' and which will kick-start the pre-eminent modern processes that will be required in this century for our people’s ultimate survival and peaceful progress. The Open Research Establishment will be the central catalyst for sustainable development consisting initially of over 20,000 intuitive and inventive scientists, engineers, technologists and technical support personnel. Additionally the ORE-STEM will create further employment in the 'West' after 20-years of operations for some 50 million people and increasing thereafter, eradicating unemployment forever for all those who truly want to work. Furthermore, all the 'West's universities and research centres will increase their research funding through secondment and utilization of their laboratory facilities for the Open Research Establishment's on-going scientific, technological, engineering and manufacturing work - eradicating many of humankind's killer-diseases in the process. In all, the 'West' will win through our people's total participation in the 'West's future wealth creating mechanism. On completion, the Open Research Establishment will self-fund itself and be self-supporting negating the necessity for any government funding. In fact, vast operating surpluses will be created through the ORE-STEM's work.

As possibly the greatest scientist of all tim,e Sir Isaac Newton once said,

"There are many Newtons"

Above all these were possibly the most important words for humankind that he ever spoke, as he considered that he was no different to any other mere mortal of his time. Indeed, when we take on-board the conception of what Newton said, we start to understand what immense contribution the Open Research Establishment's development will do for the nation's of the 'free' and industrialised world throughout the 21st century. In this respect it is hoped to create not just 21st century technologies but possibly those of the 22nd century and beyond.

Strangely but true, the identified ideal location for this vast undertaking in the 'West' and for all humankind is situated in the very same County that Newton was born and where he created all his revolutionary ideas, thinking and inventions that changed the world. Indeed, even George Boole the wholly self-taught mathematician who invented Boolean Algebra, the '0's and '1's that make all our modern computers work , was born and where the ORE-STEM Complex will be operational.

Indeed, the world needs more today that ever before a central economic catalyst for its peaceful progress. One major fact amongst a multitude of facts says this. In fifty-years time our planet’s population will have doubled on its present growth pattern. We cannot feed, clothe, and house our present population of around 6 billion inhabitants so how shall we with an ad hoc system that is not conducive to co-operation can we ever hope to provide a meaningful life for all. Currently this is an impossible task but if we do not solve this pre-eminent of all problems, we look forward to a world ravaged by wars, famine, lack of drinking water and possible extinction. The ORE Complex will, through the world’s scientists and engineers, solve this problem. Indeed, in the world of tomorrow we shall all have to co-operate with each other, so as to create a single planet nation.

The World Innovation Foundation, Huddersfield, England. September 2000