Nobel laureate Prof. Bruce Merrifield

Nobel Laureate(Chemistry) Prof.Dr.Bruce Merrifield, PhD, h.c.Dr.mult, MACS MASBC MAIC MNAS

Professor Merrifield is Professor Emeritus at the Rockfeller University, New York. He was the sole recipient of the 1984 Nobel prize in Chemistry for his revolutionary workin developing a method of synthesizing peptides and protiens. Professor Merrifield is the recipient of many national and international awards including the Lasker Award, Gairdner Award, Infra-Science Award, A.C.S. Award, Nichols Award, Pierce Award, Chemistry and the Order of San Carlos (Colombia). He was Nobel Guest Professor in 1968 and is a member os the National Academy of Sciences (USA). Professor Merrifield has published over 150 articles in various scientific journals worldwide.