Dr. A. K. Banerjee

Dr A K Banerjee, OBE, JP,MBBS Cal., FRCP Lond.,FRCP Edin., FRCP Glasg., FRCP Irel.

Dr Banerjee is a Consultant Physician and President of the British Geriatrics Society (1996-98). He has held medical appointments on two continents. Dr. Banerjee is consultant physician in early medicines at Bolton General Hospital and medical director of Bolton Hospital Trust. He is Honorary clinical lecturer in geriatryic medicine at the University of Manchester and was consultant to the NH Advisory Service, member NWRHA between 1987-94 becoming NWRHA's vice-chairman between 1992-94. Dr. Banerjee was a member of the geriatric committee, RCP London panel of experts for National Registered Homes together with being a member of CCSC between 1986-94. He has many authoritative medical publications to his name. Dr Banerjee's work is of the very highest significance as the average life-span age of the world's population increases by the year. Medicines for old age that prolong life and extend it will be in great demand. Dr. Banerjee's work is of fundamental imortance in enriching, enhancing and extending the life-span cycle of all humankind.