Nobel Laureate Prof. Jerome Karle

Nobel Laureate(Chemistry) Prof. Dr. Jerome Karle, BS, AM MS PhD, h.c.Dr.mult, FAPS MNAS Inst.Mem.mult.

Dr. Karle along with Dr. Herbert A. Hauptman developed mathematical methods for deducing the molecular structure of chemical compounds from the patterns fromed when X-rays are diffracted ny their crystals. He worked on the 'Manhattan Project' between 1943-44 and thereafter became chief scientist within the US government.

Dr. Karle and his wife, Isabella were among the first graduate students of Lawrence O. Brockway, Brockway being among the first graduate students of Linus Pauling. Both Dr. Karle and his wife did their thesis work on the molecular structure of gaseous molecules. Dr. Isabella Karle has been the pioneer in bridging the gap between the theoretical formula for crystal structure determination and the experimental methodology required to achieve useful applications. She has also collaborated in major advances in the structure determination of molecules in the vapor state. Dr. Jerome Karle's research has been concerned with diffraction theory and its application to the determination of atomic arrangements of substances in various states of aggregation, gaseous, liquid, amorphous solid, fibrous and crystalline. This research has resulted in new techniques for structure determination and a broad variety of applications. Amongst his many eminent positions, Dr. Karle has been the President of the American Crystallographic Association, Chairman of the US National Committee for Crystallography of the National Academy of Science and National Research Council and President of the International Union of Crystallography. He is a Charter Member of the Senior Executive Services, Fellow of the American Physics Society, Member of the NAS and was the joint-recipient of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1985 and has received many eminent international honours and awards. Some time ago, he was a Professorial Lecturer in the University College of the University of Maryland and a Visiting Professor at the University of Kief in Germany. He has also lectured at many international schools and symposia and has served on a number of international scientific organizations. Dr. Karle is a visionary scientist of the first order.
    'I am very apprehensive about the future of human society. Much can be said about this subject, but in general terms, I am appalled by the large fraction of the population that behaves in a selfish, anti-social and often criminal way, the ease with which many individuals can be induced to commit violence and inhumane acts, the needs for instant gratification without consideration of the consequences and the general use of reason to rationalize improper behavior rather than prevent it. Nevertheless, despite daunting barriers, I feel that it is worth a considerable effort to try to improve the world of the future. The world still offers people special joys. Among them I very much enjoyed raising three children and I currently enjoy three-dimensional (stereo- )photography, art, music, swimming which I do daily in a pool at my laboratory, occasional ice skating, and when I am sure that no one else is listening, I play piano.'
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