Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr. Henry Taube

Nobel Laureate(Chemistry) Prof.Dr. Henry Taube, BS MS PhD Dr.h.c.multi. MNAS MRPS(Lund) MAPS FMRS(UK) Hon.MCSC(Canada) Hon.MHA(Hungary) Hon.FICS(India) Hon.FRSC(UK) FAEA(Japan)

Dr. Taube is professor of Chemistry at Stanford University. He holds many national and international honours and awards including the Chandler Medal of Columbia University, Kirkwood Award, Harrison Howe Award, Rochester Section, ACS, Nichols Medal, New York Section, ACS, Willard Gibbs Medal, Chicago Section, ACS, FP Dwyer Medal, Univ. of NSW, National Medal of Science, Allied Chemical Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Innovation Science, TW Richards Medal, North-eastern Section, ACS, ACS Award in Inorganic Chemistry of the Monsanto Company, Linus Pauling Award, Puget Sound Section, ACS, NAS Award in Chemical Sciences, Baillar Medal, Univ. of Ill, Robert A Welch Foundation Award in Chemistry, Nobel Prize for Chemistry, Priestley Medal, Distinguished Achievement Award, Precious Metals Institute, Oesper Award and the GM Kospaloff Award. Professor Taube is a Guggenheim Fellow, member NAS, Royal Physiographical Society of Lund, American Philosophical Society, foreign member Royal Society, hon. member Hungarian Academy of Science, hon. Fellow RSC and hon. Fellow Indian Chem. Society. He holds many honorary doctorates including those from the universities of Sask, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Chicago, Lajos Kossuth University of Debrecen and Seton Hall. Professor Taube has given many outstanding lectures including the Baker Lecture at Cornell University, Priestley Lecture at Pa State and at the American Chem. Society Awards.